Sunday, August 9, 2009

dog days of summer

The heat has arrived after a nice break with beautiful low 80's in the trivalley.
Wow the turquoise necklaces sold very well i have 2 left! and got 3 orders for bracelets.i only brought 7 bracelets they went 1st.... got to get pics before i sell them so fast. i love the way turquoise looks on tanned skin,shimmers. one auntie bought for back -to- school 5 nieces ... i never got a present to go back to school. she liked the coral but it was too small so i will send her a red coral turquoise silver bracelet next week. the
we are real excited about alaska trip i will bring the pearls and briolette necklaces. sold 2 in silver with green brios, and small charms,nice and subtle, i knew they would sell. will they sell in ketchikan?

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