Monday, November 24, 2008

my saturday craft show

oh what a show.i was so impressed with all the other crafters works.what a talented and friendly group of ladies.polly,patty,jan,joyce,carol, linda..and all the others .did they bake up a storm for the bakery..mmmm
i did barter a bracelet for a knitted hat in my favorite colors turquoise/purple/lialac/blue...its really cute and so much nicer then store bought.i sold pearl necklaces and more bracelets then earrings surprisingly..we had brisk sales early,then it quieted down and then towards the end picked up again.i was surprised considering the economy but people were just buying one or two pieces instead of 4 or 5.quite understandable.but i had a great time and met alot of new friends. ok now i have to get ready for my next show in albany,ca.a town next to berzerky lol

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